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AS Roma and Vivaticket: another important new project for the Capitoline Club

In August the go-live of the new B2C website for ticket sale

The new B2C website, created by Vivaticket for AS Roma, is online: the new sales portal became operational when the ticket sales for the Serie A 2018-2019 games were opened. The common goal of the Club and Vivaticket is an online sales service not only for local fans, but also for the millions of tourists who visit the Italian Capital every year.

A simple and intuitive User Experience thanks to a responsive interface optimized for all devices, a fast sales flow that allows with 5 simple steps to complete the purchase, the possibility to select your seat through the “Best Seat” method or by choosing it in the 3D Stadium plan are some of the strengths of the new site. Users can easily download the tickets in Passbook or choose the print @ home option, avoiding the queus at the stadium ticket offices.

Vivaticket and AS Roma staff collaborated in the last months in order to obtain a leading edge product that allows the Club to maximize sales thanks to a simple and innovative UX.

The website can be reached from the official website of AS Roma,, in the "tickets" section.

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