The Vivaticket system is compatible with different architectures, from Cloud to hosting, from local servers to SaaS management.
Because of such a wide range of options, it can be best suited to the working requirements of each venue,
without reducing performance, functionality, security or reliability standards.


Nella logica multi-site il sistema garantisce : la creazione dei prodotti su un singolo database rendendoli accessibili immediatamente su ogni venue; configurazione di prodotti, scontistiche e promozioni, uniformi o declinate per ciascuna venue; monitoraggio centralizzato e in realtime di tutte le attività.

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Local Server

The system is installed right in the venue, and all device sare locally connected, thus maximising performance and removing Internet connectivity risks.

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Cloud Server

The Cloud solution makes it easier for your customer to manage the technological, logistic and operational infrastructure, without compromising on performance, functionality or security.

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Constantly updated and with no limits on installation, the Vivaticket solution provides the highest levels of mobility and flexibility, while reducing maintenance cost to a minimum.

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