Promotions are one of the key tools to completing the range of ticketing services, and that’s why Vivaticket wanted to focus on the development of such features, partly relying on the expertise it has gained over the years with its clients.

So many options, in a tool that will put no limits on the ability to create value.

Dynamic discounts

Configure your dynamic discount based on the date of the event, entrance time, early bird date, free seats left in your transport, in your room, in your time slot.

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Let your customers have a better experience easily and quickly by suggesting them to automatically upgrade their tickets through any sales channel: online, onsite tellers, automatic pay stations.

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Suggestive Sell

Add an item to complete your menu, wrap up your family deal or reach the threshold to get a gift or a discount.

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Complete your buys by adding extra goods or services: from a parking place to an audio tour, from a guided tour to a private pass, from a table with a view at the restaurant to a night in your dream hotel.

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The system automatically manages the development and supply of packages that include tickets, goods, services, food or drinks.

Let the packages be automatically developed based on the items in the trolley or offer a special deal to a select type of customers.

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The system manages a wide variety of vouchers: usable a limited or unlimited number of times, on reaching a specific number of tickets sold or on collecting a specific amount of money, to have access to a specific price list or to get a discount off the total expenditure, to get a special product or a gift.

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